Your Data Science Experts

We're a machine learning consultancy specializing in content recommendations and advanced ML/AI solutions.

Your Data Science Experts

We're a machine learning consultancy specializing in content recommendations and advanced ML/AI solutions.

Start Matching with AI

Optimize your offerings with our diverse array of experimentation and custom matching algorithms.

+ Increase revenue with dynamic pricing

+ Enhance user engagement using contextual features

+ Improve ad targeting and return on ad spend

+ Execute real-time content recommendations

+ Support privacy first probabilistic attribution

+ Increase player LTV models for game economics

+ Predict insights for enhanced customer experiences

We have amazing clients

The Argmax team delivers powerful large-scale solutions for top AdTech, Retail, and Finance companies, from startups to enterprises

What people are saying about us

What people are saying about us

A suite of capabilities

RTB Dynamic Pricing

Analyze bid history by conversions and ad positions to calculate the optimal bid price for first or second price auctions.

Contextual Personalization

Build buying intent and contextual personalization segments with LLMs and advanced machine learning techniques

Understanding language

Identify intent and correctly classify the context that the user is in with state of the art Natural Language Processing Techniques.

Privacy Attribution Models

Leverage Sandbox & SKAN-supported probabilistic attribution models in preparation for fingerprinting and IP address deprecation.

Supply Path Optimization

Cut costs and boost win rates with real-time supply and demand recommendations, driven by historical bidding and marketplace trends.

Smart experimentation

Accelerate your results with Argmax’s cutting-edge Multi-Armed Bandits technology.

Why choose us

Domain Experts

For over 12 years, we’ve crafted recommendation systems, mastering privacy, sub-200 millisecond execution, and terabytes of data for RTB 

AI Enthusiasts

We’re always ahead in AI tech: LLMs, Vector Search, Image Processing, and beyond. 

Data Scientists to Data Scientists

With our team of highly skilled professionals, we turbocharge existing teams or establish new ones for rapid success.



Building advanced ML and recommendation systems, partnering as service providers for all cloud database solutions.



We’ve worked with companies across AdTech, MarTech, Retail, Finance and Creator Economies.



LLM integrations increased on average 2x for DSP conversion rates without increasing the spend.

Technologies we work with


+ Chatbots and Agentic Workflows

+ Forecasting and Prediction with ML

+ Deep Learning and Computer Vision

+ Large Language Models

+ DeepLearning4j

Data Providers

+ google BigQuery

+ Clickhouse

+ Aws s3

+ google cs

+ Azure bs

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